13 January 2015

December Daily 2012 (part 1)

Hey ladies!
So this has been a loooong time coming, but I wanted to share my first December Daily album (which is still missing photos! ack!). This album was made for 2012, and included our daughter's first trip to Disney World! So you'll notice a bit of Mickey colors thrown in on some of the pages ;) I'll post photos throughout the rest of the week, and hopefully I'll have 2014's December Memories album to show you before the end of the month!

You'll notice some hot pink slivers of paper throughout the photos- those are where I'd left room for photos. Unfortunately a computer crash shortly after December left us with many missing photos :( So learn from my amateur mistake- ALWAYS back up your computer data!!! Anyhoo, without further ado, here's the first section of my December Daily album from a few years back...

 You'll start noticing a trend- I like to save (and subsequently scrapbook) EVERYTHING! So yes, above you will notice the receipt... from the purchase of our Disney tickets. Yup.

 And above you'll see the room card from the hotel we stayed at before we flew down to Disney.... annnnd our Disney packing list...

And then there's our Disney schedule (I'm a planner nut! If you check out my Homemaking Blog, you'll see all my lists and planner over there, hehe!) and of course I had to save all our baggage claim slips, tags, and plane tickets!

And we'll wrap up today's post with our parking pass for our resort on the above lefthand page lol. The righthand page above is actually a pocket page- one paper folded in half, glued on the top and bottom, and shoved full of other random paraphernalia I just had to keep from our trip... probably more receipts of groceries and souvenirs lol.

Does anyone else save EVERYTHING from their trips??? :)
See ya tomorrow for the next set of pages!
- Shauna

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