16 January 2015

December Daily 2012 (day 4)

Hey ladies!
So today is Day 4 of sharing the (loooong time coming) December Daily album from 2012! It also includes our oldest daughter's first trip to Disney World, so you'll notice a lot of Mickey theming as well as Christmas. And yes, I still have yet to get the actual photos in the album! Before the end of the month, I hope to have 2014's December Memories album ready to post here too! Check back tomorrow for even more photos of 2012's album! And here's today's photos...

 As I've shared before, I save EVERYTHING from my trips in order to scrapbook later... so today you'll see a parking pass and a Fastpass hehe

 And here's our entrance sticker tickets to the Candlelight Processional event at Disney...

 Can't forget to save those "1st Christmas" ornament boxes and gift tags!

 Of course we have to save the Sea World tickets and parking pass (it was FREEZING during the days we went to Sea World, so we popped for the extra $5 for close parking this day!)

 More Times Guides, maps, and parking passes from the parks...

And yet another parking pass, lol. Yup, I save everything.

See ya tomorrow for the final day of my December Daily 2012 album! :)
- Shauna

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