15 January 2015

December Daily 2012 (day 3)

Hey ladies!
So today is Day 3 of sharing the (loooong time coming) December Daily album from 2012! It also includes our oldest daughter's first trip to Disney World, so you'll notice a lot of Mickey theming as well as Christmas. And yes, I still have yet to get the actual photos in the album! Before the end of the month, I hope to have 2014's December Memories album ready to post here too! Check back tomorrow for even more photos of 2012's album! And here's today's photos...

As I shared previously, I save EVERYTHING from my trips in order to scrapbook later... so above you'll see one of our parking passes lol. The paper bag on the right was folded in half and used as a hidden pocket page! So it's stuffed with goodies from our trip... probably more parking passes ;)

Of course we need to save the park tickets from SeaWorld...

No trip is complete without saving receipts! The red wrist band is actually from the hospital- hubby got food poisoning from some Salmonella chicken we made back at our timeshare the one night :( Glad I'm a vegetarian, otherwise that would have made for an even more unpleasant occurrence!

And more parking passes, and my brother's plane ticket (my parents and baby bro came to spend a few days at Disney with us!)

Can't forget to save the guide maps and dinner table number info! lol

And I needed an extra pocket, so I used some washi to make an impromptu pocket on the lefthand page above.

See ya tomorrow for Day 4 of my December Daily 2012 album! :)
- Shauna

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