03 January 2014

Super Short Update... more to come soon!

Hey there my lovelies :)
For anyone who's still following me out there, just wanted to stop in for a short and sweet update (since it's been like forever and a day since I've stopped in here!)... 

For the past year and half-ish, we've been stationed in the middle of Louisiana and most of my crafty supplies never made it out of storage (boo!). However, we've been blessed to move back to civilization last month. 

Thus, I shall soon return to the wonderful crafty world soon! 
Just gotta finish getting my amazing huge crafty space set up (which is doubling as our playroom/homeschool room/devotional nook). 

I canNOT wait to get back here and see you all and share crafty goodness with you all again! 
Yays :D

God bless- 

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