30 January 2014

Star Power

Hey all!
Two posts in just as many days? Crazy, I know right?! I told ya I'd be back though :) So today's card comes to you courtesy of  Moxie Fab's Constellations: Trendy Star Power challenge, going on through the end of the month. I don't have any constellation paper or stamps yet (note, yet!) so I made my own constellation... can you find it?

To make this card, I layered a peachy pink paper for the base, topped with a bit of Recollections subtle shimmer dark blue paper, topped with some basic white cardstock. I used 4 Memento inks, and inked up one of my Unity stamps a bunch of times to create the kind of ombre effect of the star background. I grabbed another Unity sentiment that worked just perfect for a star challenge! I hope that as you read down the sentiment, the ombre star effect then draws your eye back up to the top of the card! I added a few gold pearls to act as my constellation- it's the little dipper! Complete with (somewhat) true to size stars... well, rather, I tried to match up the sized pearls with the size of the stars in the constellation! I added a single pearl at the bottom of the popped up sentiment panel to hopefully draw your eye to the pearls on the background piece. Oh, and here's a close up of that subtle shimmer- it's awesome up close in person!!

So that's that. Maybe I'll even be back tomorrow with yet another card this week! Time will tell, hehe!
God bless-


  1. Hi Shauna!
    I dig it... and I love how you added the pearls there! That's clever!

    Thanks for joining and linking up to the challenge!



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