18 February 2012

baby wreath

Hey all!!
So sorry it's been a while! With hubby away, I've been trying to get a lot of cleaning, organizing, Master's thesis work, and baby projects done! Not to mention getting the house ready for his arrival home again- so soon!! Anyhoo, I've had a lot of projects in the works, but hadn't gotten a chance to put finishing touches on a lot of them (or just haven't photographed them yet!).

But here's a project that I recently finished, and I'm SO excited to share- one of those things that actually turned out better than I imagined it! Hehe, and that rarely happens, so I'm super psyched! So this is a wreath for a baby's nursery :) There's a few fun features here too...
  • all of the flowers are removable, so the wreath and yarn-wrapped "baby" can be reused for future projects or customized to different genders. The flowers on the wreath part are pinned in place. The flower on the "baby" word is attached with thread, so you can just cut the threads to remove. All flowers are one piece, so if you remove them, they won't fall apart or anything ;) You could also attach the flowers to hair clips for a fashionable baby (or mama!) accessory!
  • the "baby" word is not permanently attached to the main wreath, so you can easily remove it and put it elsewhere in the nursery (ie. bookshelf, wall, etc) for added decor :)
  • the only materials are:: wool yarn, "styrofoam" wreath, felt, scissors, needle, threads, and pretty pins, straight bins, and hot glue (to secure the yarn ends of the "baby" word)
  • the flowers are from various tutorials around the web- all are made via cutting out some felt and stitching the petals together, super simple! if you google "felt flowers" you'll find a bunch of tutes :)

So that about wraps up this project... hopefully I'll be back here regularly as I {finally} finish up projects and get them photographed! I have so much to share- decor projects, cards, and more!!


  1. This is stunning, Shauna! Wow, I love how you wrapped the yarn around the sentiment. So beautiful!!!

    Oh, and I still don't have mojo. That card was made months ago!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Shauna! Your baby wreath turned out beautifully!!! I love the flowers :-)

    Take care,

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  4. shauna, this is so cool. I love the felt flowers.

  5. Love your wreath! The flowers are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by :)


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