02 December 2011

Christmas card

Hi all!! I'm back from my little vacation visiting family over the holidays, and thought I'd share with you our family Christmas card for 2011 :)

It's pretty simple, and the hardest part was actually picking out a color scheme! Originally I'd intended it to be a light blue and dark red card with red twine... but that didn't work. Then I tried dark teal and navy card with navy organza ribbon... that didn't work. I just kept coming back to this- cream and navy card with jute twine... and it works :)

So here's wishing you a very blessed month of celebrating Christ's birth!


  1. This is gorgeous sweety! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! HUGS!

  2. Perfect, Shauna! The jute is a wonderful embellishment as well as the gold centers of the stars.

  3. Simply gorgeous, Shauna. I love how you showcased that verse from Silent Night. :)

  4. so pretty! i wish i was awesome enough to make cards. i love this!

  5. oh, so love this design! the blue is gorgeous, the design simple and oh so beautiful. {may have to borrow this idea}. xx


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