06 November 2011

handmade gifts :: framed diecuts

So here's a super simple DIY handmade gift! And the best part is, depending on what diecut you use, it could be perfect for any holiday or occasion! Customize the shape for the holiday, season, or maybe what your giftee enjoys- use their favorite colors, if they like dogs you could find a cute doggie cut out, if they like sewing you could use great buttons instead, use umbrellas for a baby shower or wedding shower decor, the sky's the limit!

.: materials :.
  • frame
  • background paper
  • die cut (or other items to frame)
  • 3-D pop dots

.: instructions :.
{1} remove glass from frame
{2} cut background paper to the size of your frame
{3} measure your die cut, and approximate how many will comfortably fit in your frame
{4} cut out die cuts, if needed
{5} attach die cuts to background paper using 3-D pop dots **
{6} assemble frame and gift away!

** a few things I found useful during this step...
- I assembled this with the frame around the background paper, not attached in the frame yet, but just resting on the table around the paper. It helped visually space the die cuts.
- I also assembled this with my Olfa sewing cutting mat under my project. I aligned the frame/background paper with the measurements on the mat so I knew I was roughly spacing the die cuts evenly. You could also simply put a ruler along either side to help with spacing too!


  1. Simply gorgeous, Shauna! I love the orange against the navy blue. Beautiful gift idea. :)

  2. Lovely gift idea. It could be used for so many themes, but I think your leaf idea is stunning.

  3. So cute! Love this idea - great for snowflakes, trees, apples, hearts, etc. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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