09 November 2011

Handmade gift- cross stitch ornament

So I'm not one for skipping holidays- Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays because both sides of our family always get together each year for big turkey dinners :) Love that it's a holiday that has really become about great food and great family!
With that said though, I did want to share this ornament that I'd made for a Silent Auction gift basket I donated! I'm getting started on Christmas gifts already too, since some require a bit of time to make- like a few other cross-stitch gifts I'm working on (I'll share once they're done!). This is a great gift- handmade and pretty cheap to make!
  • embroidery floss- $1 each color
  • cross stitch fabric- already had, recently bought some more at $6 for a big sheet
  • frame- $1 at Michaels
  • ribbon (to hang)- already had, ~$2.50 for a whole roll
So you can see how you could make a lot of these out of one set of supplies!! :) You could also dress it up with some beads for the holly berries or a twine/floss bow on the wreath!

This pattern was from Just CrossStitch magazine, but recently I've found a lot of beautiful patterns for free online. Cross stitch is really easy to learn, and make for some great personal handmade gifts :)


  1. This is beautiful, Shauna. I was an avid counted cross stitcher before I discovered stamping. I actually have several projects sitting in a closet that need finished. Maybe I should pull them out...... :0)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. So pretty. I used to cross stitch years ago. Funny how new crafty obsessions push out the old. Thank so much for sharing your pretty creation.


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