29 October 2011

autumn wreath

So here's a project that has been in the works for about a month! I wrapped the wreath in twine late last month when I did our autumn mantle {post to come about that!}, but it got left to the wayside. I finally got to finish it this afternoon! Yays :)

This is a super simple wreath, and I'll share a full photo tutorial for it soon. It started with an eco-friendly "styrofoam" type wreath from Hobby Lobby. Proceeded to wrap it in the great golden wheat colored yarn, which took about an hour & half- I just wrapped it while watching some of my favorite shows ;) Then cut out circles of some great fall fabric I've had for a year or so, put a pin through the center, and pushed it into the foam. Repeat lots of times. Then I created the fun little "autumn" banner with my scrapbooking supplies and The Twinery twine and hung it on our door!

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  1. Beautiful! You are fabulous, my friend :)

  2. This is gorgeous, Shauna! The fabrics and colours are just perfect.

  3. This is completely FABULOUS! Love those fabric flowers. Awesome wreath, Shauna. :)


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