29 September 2011

thanks a latte

Yay! Finally I'm back in the craft room crafting for myself :D Whew- I had a huge order for 150 bookmarks, and by the end I was a bit weary of making bookmarks :) Anyhoo, nothing like the last minute, but I'm joining in over at Embellish Magazine and their latest challenge. Such fabulous inspiration over there!!

The challenge included using paint... well that was a bit of a stumper for me! Not a huge paint fan because I don't like waiting for it to dry, hehe. I ended up dipping the end of a toilet paper roll in some brown paint to create a "coffee ring" effect! I'm quite pleased with the outcome :) The stamps are Verve.


  1. I love this Shauna, especially the coffee ring and bling!

  2. Love the coffee ring of paint idea, Shauna! Good luck with the challenge. Your take on it is super creative and fun :)


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