19 September 2011

quick and easy

Well today is another busy day so I decided to share another set of cards that I made a while back (actually quite a while back!). They're super simple and would be great as mini-cards or cards you might need to mass produce. Just two patterned papers, some ribbon, and a few embellies. I forget what I originally made these for, but maybe I'll have to do an updated version- kinda compare and contrast my older crafting style to my newer style :) Anyways, happy monday, friends!!


  1. These are super cute mini cards, Shauna. They would be perfect on top of a birthday gift. Love the pearls. :)

  2. These are so fun! I can see them being a great baby shower gift!

  3. Those tiny baubles really make these pop! Beautiful ribbon too :)

  4. Such a beautiful bow and what a simple statement it makes. Wonderful minis.


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