28 September 2011

autumn pumpkin decor

Yay, Autumn!! Again, it doesn't much feel like it down south since it's still pretty hot, so I'm just living off my memories of last fall up north- apple picking, pumpkin picking, jean & sweater weather... :) Anyhoo, I started putting up my autumn decor and decorating my mantle (because we have a mantle in this house!!!) and here's one of the little projects I came up with! Super simple, I had all the materials on hand, but fun and festive :)

Cross-posted on my homemaking blog, His Frugal Servant.


  1. This is super cute, Shauna. I love fall, too. My favorite season! :)

  2. Oh WOW Shauna what a FUN idea, this is darling!!!! I just LOVE the added wires just perfect!

  3. This is darling, Shauna! You are so creative.


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