18 August 2011

patriotic wreath

Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been a bit absent- it's been busy around here!! I realized that I never showed you the wreath I made for Memorial Day/Fourth of July! I really like how it turned out :) I'll likely be making more of these!! It's actually still up on our back door- but since we're an Army family, patriotic is always the "in" decor theme ;)

I also have a tutorial that I'll post soon to go with this! The banner might look a little familiar... that's because I'd shared it earlier in {this post} hehe. Happy Thursday, ya'll!! :D


  1. LOVE this wreath! You are so darn clever! Totally CASEing this from ya! ;)

  2. My sister is an army wife in Georgia, and much of her house is patriotic/folk art themed. I will have to email her a link to this. She will love it, too!

  3. I love this wreath, Shauna! The banner and the felt roses are beautiful.


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