16 July 2011

you rock

So it's not the most beautiful card, but the other day I got a new order of PTI and really wanted to use the stamps before I headed to bed that day, hehe... so DH had a presentation the next morning and I whipped together a mini card for him {literally whipped together, right before bed, this took I think a grand total of 3 minutes... it might have taken longer to photograph it than to make it!). Super simple- just some stamps, folded paper, and a bit of twine. You can't see it really well, but that paper is shimmery gold. I went with black and gold stuff (Army colors!). hehe


  1. It may have only taken 3 minutes, but it sure is a fab CAS card. I am sure it made hubby's day! :)

  2. This is awesome, Shauna! I'm sure your DH loved it! You have a great style and I think you need to start sublicating. ;)


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