25 July 2011

ye old Christmas tree

And here's the last sub-lication reject! Yet again, another card I really like and will make some sets from for this Christmas. Although the sting of being rejected for publication is, well, a ding to the crafting-ego, I find that it does often produce some of my best work :) So, even though the world may not see my cards in a magazine (yet! hehe), at least I got some cards out of it that I'm really happy with! This is some more Unity love, this time it's a Webster's Pages co-brand, Merry Christmas Home.

PS. I'll be back later today with some news on the puppy breeder visit!


  1. So beautiful, Shauna. Don't let rejection bring you down. It happens to us all. As long as you have fun with the whole process...that is what matters most!
    I am getting ready to start submitting again. I have taken a break this summer and spring because the boys have kept me busy. I always think it is funny, because the cards that I really love never get picked up, and the ones I think are so/so, they like!!! Go figure...

    I think this card is just gorgeous!

  2. Best card to date...okay, those mittens too...but seriously GORGEOUS, Shauna!!!

  3. This is beautiful, Shauna! I love the torn edges and sprinkling of pearls. As for rejection, we've all been rejected. Just keep trying! I know you'll get that email!!


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