23 July 2011

wishing you blessings

Well, like I said yesterday, I really liked this layout! Here's a card I sub-licated at the beginning of the month. No word yet, so I'm presuming it was a reject. That's ok, because I really like it!! Lovin some of my Unity/Jillibean stamps here- Snowflakes Fall From Heaven. I'll probably make a set or two of these to sell around Christmas. Our last Army post had a huge craft sale in early November, so I'm hoping this post does too! Time will tell.

Anyhoo, this is actually an auto post, because I'm currently on the way to see a breeder about some Chesapeake Bay Retriever future puppies!! We're meeting the adult dogs, seeing if we like them, and hopefully getting one of their future pups :) I'll let ya know how it goes on Monday!!


  1. I love your baker's twine and adhesive pearls…they add so much interest! I can't wait to see pics of your puppy…you are going to be a great mom to him/her :)

  2. I love your wonky designs. They are so fun and this one is no exception. Love IT!

    Oooh, puppies are so sweet. I'm excited for you!

    lisa a.

  3. So pretty! I love that tilted green panel at the front! I hope you get a new puppy soon. :D


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