24 July 2011

winter mittens

Still away visiting *hopefully* future puppies... but here's another sub-blicated reject. Another card I really like though!! Again, I'll probably make a set or two of these to sell around Christmas this year. More lovin for my Unity/Jillibean stamps- Jolly Good Fun.


  1. Brilliant card! I love the mittens, clothes pins, and baker's twine. Super adorable. Terrific card, Shauna.

  2. This is darling, Shauna! I have lots of those little clothes pin and never quite know what to do with them. PERFECT for mittens! :)

  3. Shauna, I love that you're using my word. ;) This is so cute! I agree, it's hard to be rejected but it does produce great work. As long as YOU'RE enjoying the creative process, that's what matters. Keep trying!!


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