04 July 2011

viva la verve june- part 2

Here's two of the cards that I made- once again with Verve's American Hero stamp set- for Verve's June Viva La Verve challenge! I'm sharing close ups of this set throughout the weekend :)

Happy Independence Day, to my fellow Americans! :D
Let us not forgot those who lay their lives on the line everyday for our freedom, especially those who have paid the ultimate price protecting our freedom.
God bless our troops & God bless America!


  1. I am not American, but can appreciate the beautiful cards! I especially love your use of the ribbons and pearls.

    We would love to have you join us at the Polkadot Door!


  2. Beautiful cards, Shauna! Happy 4th!!!

  3. Two very amazing cards! I love them.


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