11 July 2011

gracias flores

Nothing like the last minute... hehe, but here's a card inspired by the Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger (<--- see photo to the left)

I started out by using a foreign language, but keeping with the "thank-you" theme! I used orange for flowers, just like in the Trigger. I chose the light blue gems to pull in the color from the blue paper strip at the bottom of the Trigger inspiration card. Super simple, since it's super late :) Oh, and because I love CAS too ;) And because the Trigger inspiration card is super CAS. Hehe... and on that note... Nighty night, friends!!


  1. Hey Shauna! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  2. What a fabulous take on the trigger. I love your little rhinestone accents as well.

    lisa a.


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