29 June 2011

rainbow run beside you

This card is for Embellish's Rainbow Color Trends Challenge! I'll admit, rainbows are a bit of a challenge for me. I knew I wanted to use twine, and after a few different ideas, this is what I settled on. Did anyone else ever make embroidery floss necklaces and stuff, with the different "staircase" stitches and such? Well I know I made a lot, and this was one technique for making necklaces- you twist the strands really tight, fold the strands in half, and then let them unwind- they end up winding around each other, and I always thought it looked neat :) I added a Unity sentiment stamp and some gems and there ya go!


  1. Shauna WOW LOVE LOVE how you used the twine, sooooo creative and beautiful!

  2. Shauna this is AWESOME!! I know i made TONS of those necklaces with all kinds of different stitches...this is just perfect though! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog lovey!!

  3. LOVE how you twisted the the twine and made a rainbow! Beautiful card, Shauna! :)

  4. What a fantastic card. Beautiful rainbow idea.

    lisa a.

  5. I love this card, Shauna! The design is beautiful and I love how you used the twine!


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