04 June 2011

celebrate! it's your day

{please excuse the less than perfect photos- still setting up the craft room and finding the best light in our new home!}

Here's a birthday set I recently made for an order! This card definitely went through a few stages... it started out with just the asymmetrical border, cake, celebrate, and ribbon.... then came along the extra bling... and then came along the "it's your day!" The inside says a simple Happy Birthday. I'm pretty happy with the final turnout :)


  1. These are very cool, Shauna. I look the off kilter lines, the sentiment, bling and ribbon treatment. Terrific set of cards!

  2. Fabulous set of cards, Shauna! Great design! :)

  3. Oh, WOW, Shauna, I love this design! The skewed panel and lines look incredible!


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