07 January 2011


{sorry if this showed up in your reader yesterday, I had issues scheduling this post :P}

Here's a quick and frugal gift, and you could personalize this for any celebration or holiday. Give as a birthday gift and spell out the recipient's name. Make a set for each season: "summer" "autumn" "winter" "spring" to use as home decor. There are so many possibilities!!

So I made this as a gift for my MIL this year. It came together pretty quickly- cut out the letters {I freehanded them, but next time I'll bring out a font and trace}, distressed the edges with some tearing and ink, added the sentiment stamp, the snowflake and button, a few embellies and done!


  1. What a beautiful gift idea! LOVE this! :)

  2. Wow, Shauna, your mother-in-law must've loved this gift! I love the mint green against the silver frames!

  3. Hand-made gifts are the most treasured. You chose really pretty frames to display your art! What a gorgeous and creative gift :)


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