15 January 2011

froggy shower

So I'm wicked bummed that most of the photos didn't turn out.... so bear with the poor photography, but I wanted to share some cute ideas from a baby shower a few of us wives recently threw for our friend who's expecting a boy in May! Again, please excuse the poor photos, but hopefully you can get some fun ideas out of it!! :)

.: Food :.
We catered the event from one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants. For dessert, fondue was on the menu, so I personalized bamboo skewers for us! I also went with cupcakes {not my best work, I was short on time!} but I made little froggie toppers for them! I'll get you the printables for them soon ;) And I used those for nametags for our glasses too! I just added an eyelet and some ribbon!

.: Guestbook :.
I just whipped up something SUPER simple- cut out pieces of paper, rounded the top edges, put eyelets on the front and back pages and threaded some ribbon through and added a charm. The inside pages, I stamped a journaling stamp so we could each leave her some advice or congrats, I also added some coordinating scrapbook paper along the top of each page. On the inside of the back cover, we each wrote down our predictions for date, size, and weight of the baby, so it'll be something fun momma can look back on- see who was closest!

.: Decor :.
Well, I kept it simple. They're moving to GA this week, so we didn't want to get them too too much. I made a small diaper cake {topped with a washcloth... do you know how hard it is to find froggy-themed stuff?!}. In the background, to the left of the cake, you can see we did a wishing well- everyone brought their gifts unwrapped and we added it all into a baby tub :)

.: Games :.
Well, for a door prize, I added some scrapbook paper to clothespins, and then hung baby socks up on some twine. I used my PTI bookmark die, and then cut them shorter to fit in the socks, and added some ribbon to the top. On each "bookmark" I wrote a date. Whoever pulled out her due date won the prize!
I also did two other games, I'll get you the printables for them soon ;)

.: Favors :.
This was a last minute party {since she was moving in a week!} so I decided to keep the favors simple. I went with a small candy display- everyone grabbed a bag and filled it with their favorite candies! For the bag tags, I used my PTI bookmark die & embossing plate, added a sentiment, gems, and froggie, then tied them to the bags! Super simple but cute, I think :) This might have been my favorite piece that I made!!

I hope you enjoyed and got a few ideas for your next party!!! :)


  1. Wow girlie....you are so talented!! Love all of your creations!!!!

  2. How fun are these, FABULOUS!! I just ADORE all the froggies!!!

  3. I really love the idea of the garland and the due date tags! What a fun game! It looks like your baby shower was a huge hit! Thanks so much for sharing all of your ideas!

  4. Awwww!! Everything is just so so so cute!!! I love the tiny baby sock due date game!! My sister is having a baby in August, I am TOTALLY stealing your ideas you used here!! So creative girl!

  5. How absolutely adorable! I love the sock banner and the entire frog theme!


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