24 August 2010

a "fond" farewell & coming soon

I don't actually know where the phrase "fond farewell" came from, because I know personally, farewells are not often fond. This was a very "unfond" farewell- our Battalion Commander and his family are moving on to their next Army post, and last week I had to say good-bye to them and, in particular, his wife. They've been wonderful to both me and my husband, and I pray that the Lord may have our paths cross again. Luckily, as they say, "it's a small Army" so hopefully we will indeed see them again, even if it's just for a visit when we're on our way to our next post.

Anyhoo, so I wanted to make a little something for our BC's wife who was among the first wives that I met here at our current post, and she welcomed me with open arms into the battalion. I was a little stumped for what I wanted the decor piece to look like, so I "consulted" some of my favorite blogs for some inspiration... no surprise, I found some {here- the "10 things" collage piece in the background} at the amazing Dawn McVey's blog- check her out, trust me, you will NOT be disappointed... ever! My piece didn't turn out quite how I expected, but I'm still pleased with the end result! I think it works well as a moving/new house warming gift. Hopefully we'll indeed get to see their new home during our travels next year!

{"home" stamp} is by Unity

Coming Soon!!!
oh! and by the way! in about a month and a half, I'll be back in gear and posting regularly again! Thank-you to each and everyone of you who has stayed faithful and checked back here during my hiatus. I'll talk to you all again really soon :D *huggs*

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