23 September 2010

formal invites

hey there!
long time no talk!! DH and I went for a nice 2-week trip to Disney {scrapbook layouts to come!!} to celebrate his return home from deployment. It's wonderful having him home again :)
Anyhoo, our battalion is having a ball, and I was requested to make some formal invites for a few of the higher ups... unfortunately I had less than 24 hours to make them- so no time to order some nice new stamps, so I had to work with what I had.... not to mention working with our battalion colors, which are kinda rough. I think formal and I think deep reds and blues, maybe black on gold.... but our battalion colors are bright yellow, red, and blue- bleh. Anyways, here's the final product- not quite how I envisioned {this was my third or fourth LO} but that just means I need to order some new "invite" stamps NOW so I'll be ready for next time ;) hehe- enjoy!

DH and I are headed to a wedding this weekend, so you should be seeing a wedding card on here next week ;)

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