04 June 2010

wheels o ribbon

So I've been taking a little time to rearrange and reorganize my craft room. It's still a ways from being done, but it's getting there! I wanted to share how I organize my ribbons now! This is probably the third way that I've tried to organize them... first I had them all in baskets with the ends peeking out through the holes in the basket sides, but it wasn't working well because of all the different sized spools and every time I added a new spool, I'd have to rearrange all of the spools in the basket to get them to fit right (I organize all my ribbon by color). So then I tried having them on wooden dowels, but they'd often unravel off the spool or when I'd pull one ribbon, the ones next to it would spin and it just wasn't working. I also didn't want to spend a ton of money on the various ribbon keepers out there, and I wanted to be able to see all my ribbon at once. So after a bit of brainstorming, this is what I came up with! I give you...

The Wheels O' Ribbon

Step 1: I bought three Styrofoam circles at $4 each, a fabric remnant that was about $3, and a box of 200 pins at $2. I already had my handy dandy hot glue gun and some extra glue sticks and I was ready to roll! I measured out and cut the fabric down to size, and glued 'em together! I really like how they naturally gathered in different places, and I LOVE this fabric... won't be surprised if I go buy a bigger piece of it to use again and again!

Step 2: Then I mounted them staggered on the wall...

Step 3: And the longest part of the whole process- unrolling all of the ribbon off the spools and then folding them and pinning them up! They go by ROYGBIV, so the right most wheel (colors red through teal) the middle wheel (blue through violet, then white, black, grey, brown, silver, gold) and the left most wheel (seasonal ribbons and multi-colored where there wasn't a dominant color). So that is that!

I put them up behind the door because they're not the most sightly storage option, but they're totally practical for me! When I need a piece of ribbon, I can just cut one off- or if I need multiple pieces, I unpin the ribbon I need, cut, then refold if necessary and repin! It also works well for me because if I buy multiple spools, say for a big project, I can store all of the spools on one pin, instead of taking up three spots in a traditional storage system, or having another area to stash "back up spools." At the end of each ribbon, I have a little piece of tape where I wrote down the maker of the ribbon, so I can still have a comprehensive list materials when needed! Pins where I have multiple spools or pieces of ribbon, the shortest piece is in the back, so it's the first piece to slide off the pin. This way I use up the older or shorter pieces before I cut up a brand new spool!

I store my smaller scrap pieces of ribbon in a clear jar, while this system stores all of my larger pieces of ribbon.


  1. This is a Fabulous idea ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. I think this is a great idea!

  3. This is a brillant idea. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. This is a really great idea because I personally have 4 ornament boxes (the kind from target which have dividers for christmas balls) FULL and over flowing and its constantly a mess. Well also cause I hate to roll them back on the spools (LOL). This is totally do-able for me!! And I could hang it on the inside of my closet door. Thank you!

  5. Shauna - This is a great way to organize and display your ribbon! If you want to be entered for the extra giveaway of a March Ribbon Club assortment from RRR, come on back and link your post with our inlinkz tool at the very bottom of the post. :o)

  6. Love this idea! That is a lot of ribbon girl!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Neat idea! It allows you to have them out where you can see them and easy to get to them. Since you keep the small end pieces in jars, perhaps you could install a shelf above your ribbon circles so they are all together. I am trying to decide on a better storage system for my ribbon and this certainly is an idea I'll consider. Thanks!


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