01 March 2010

gem rainbow

These might be my favorites from the set I made! Unfortunately the stamp was a little dirty, well actually I think it was the stamp cleaner pad, so the blue got a little dingy when I stamped the rainbow... but I love how the gems came out :) A few flutterbys, and done! Loving the Unity February kit!!!

Also entering this in Moxie Fab's Stamping Olympics "hello" category.


  1. I am LOVING these cards you are making! They are not only beautiful but so simple and clean! And thanks for you comment on my blog. Yes! I made the design team! You should get over there, we are really doing so much with the community, it is AWESOME! Gorgeous cards though lady!!

  2. Hey Shauna! Thanks again for entering the Olympics of Stamping challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)


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