19 February 2010

rock 'n' roller

so, after a long period away, I'm back! it won't be everyday, like I used to be- I need to spend more time housekeeping, working on my Master's thesis, and spending more time in His Word, but it should be at least a few times a week ;)

this is a border set made for a Disney swap over on SCS. it was for "Disney rides" category, and I did Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, ya know, the rollercoaster set to Aerosmith's music? love it! i love all coasters pretty much :) so here there's 2 borders, 2 photo bits, a journaling piece, and 3 pieces of card candy {well 2 and a lil baggie of music notes!}. let's see... the blue papers are Martha Stewart and the stamps are Unity!

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  1. Awesome set!! I believe everything in moderation!! :)


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