15 January 2010

Verve January release

dangflabit! so I spent all day working on Verve's January release party challenges, and missed uploading the photos by 14 mins... all I kept reading was "party starts at 9pm" and totally missed the "photos must be posted by 6pm"... well I figure I'd share here a photo with all the creations, and feel free to lookie at my SCS gallery to see material lists and detailed photos of each individual creation :)


  1. UGH I am sooo sorry sweets...well I am sooo glad you uploaded them here they are BEAUTIFUL and love these images!!! What a great group of cards!!!

  2. Bummer! Silly fine print. They're lovely at any rate :) My very talented cousin.

  3. These are all wonderful! Great color combinations!

    (-: Heidi

  4. Those are some awesome creations! I am sorry that you missed the cut off for the challenges! That stinks :(

  5. I love that they all coordinate! and the "4 u" is great. Thanks for the inspiration (ribbons and twine and buttons oh my)!

  6. Oh man I hate being late! These are soo cute too! I just fell in love with Verve stamps myself. You'll get 'em next time for sure!!


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