24 March 2009

Army bathroom

So our bathroom is decorated in the Army's colors- black and gold. I used that theme to create this wall decor for our bathroom!

Cardstock: Staples, Background Paper: K&CoMPANY

Steps to Create:
(1) used an old frame I had lying around (happened to be in our color palette too!)
(2) found clip art online in Army theme
(3) used Word to arrange the clip art on the page
(4) printed out the reverse image onto cardstock (so the final product would be the opposite of what is printed out)
(5) cut out the outlines of the images
(6) flipped page over
(7) found background papers to use to back image cutouts
(8) put various background papers (camo, stars, and stripes for me) in the areas of the image cut outs
(9) frame, hang and enjoy!

20 March 2009

Welcome Home

Here's a fun little card I made to welcome home my hubby from an Army field training exercise. It was made using the scraps from a hole punch! I found dots of different colors leftover after numerous uses of a 3-hole puncher and arranged them in color order. Pretty simple to make, just a matter of sifting through all the dots to find ones that work for you!

01 March 2009

Thank You & Christmas

Here's some thank-you notecards I stamped to send out in response to our wedding gifts in addition to some (belated) Christmas cards! :) Things got a little hectic with the wedding being around Christmas, so they went out to a select few this year.

Stamps: Martha Stewart, Ink: Martha Stewart & StampCraft, Notecards: Gartner Studios, Colored Pencils & Crayons: Crayola