22 December 2009

support our troops

i wish I had a better photo, but here's a bunch of "yellow ribbon" cards i made for the craft fair on-post about a month ago. that was an adventure, but glad to have at least gotten my name out a bit :) love these cards though! I also made some similar ones with our division's crest. hoping to sell these at our on-post gift shop!

in support of our troops, Xerox is doing an awesome thing right now! Head over to Let's Say Thanks, where you simply choose a card design, put in your name and town, select a thank you greeting and done! Xerox will print out all the cards and send them to troops :) What a wonderful Christmas gift :) Please, it takes 2 minutes and it will really brighten the day of a soldier!

1 comment:

  1. These are fabulous! I bet they did well at the fair!{SMILES}


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