07 December 2009


so I guess I ran out of scheduled posts, hehe. still runnin around crazy gettin my DH's Christmas care packages out! a fellow Army wife and I spent the last four days baking an absurd amount of cookies, both for our own husbands and their company.

so here's a few more scheduled posts whilst I wrap up the care packages :)
this is an ornament that I made for my mum's bank. it had to have something to do with banking {hence the dollar sign} and they wanted origami too... also the ribbon has the bank's logo on it, so had to use that too! Oh! And this was my first time using my brandy-new Crop-A-Dile! LOVE it :D and now my neighbors won't complain about me hammering my eyelets :P

UPDATED: December 2012
OK, so this one isn't much to look at, but you can easily spruce this up! I had limited supplies at the time when I made this ;) Stiff cardstock would make a beautiful ball shape. This would also be a neat way to gift money as a gift!!

Patterned paper/cardstock
eyelet(s) & eyelet setter
2 brads
hole puncher
money or "money"

(1) Cut cardstock into strips
(2) Punch holes into each end of the strips
(3) To start to create the ball, insert a single brad into the hole at top of each strip. 
(4) In my ornament, I photocopied a dollar bill so I wouldn't be punching a hole into a real dollar bill. So decide if you just want decorative "money" or want to use real money. 
(5) Create your origami dollar sign (I used the directions found here) using your "money" or money :)
(6) If using fake "money," simply use a hole puncher and an eyelet and attach to the ribbon. If using real money, perhaps gently use a bit of tape to create a flap at the top and set an eyelet in the tape flap (so you don't destroy the dollar!). Or maybe you could come up with a better way to attach the money!
(7) Cut ribbon to desired length and punch a hole at each end of the ribbon.
(8) Thread each end of the ribbon onto the second brad.
(9) To finish creating the ball, Repeat Step 3 using the second brad and the hole at the bottom of each strip. Now fan out the strips evenly to create the ball.

If any of those instructions are a little fuzzy, feel free to email or leave a comment, and I'll try and get you some clearer directions :)

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