11 November 2009

thank you for your service

today is Veteran's Day here in the United States. a huge thank-you goes out to all of those who have, are, and will serve our country, and especially to those who have given their lives to defend our freedom. although it is truly wonderful that we have a holiday to commemorate those who serve in our armed forces, everyday we should be giving thanks to those who put their lives on the line so that we may have the freedom and liberties that we enjoy in the U S of A. So thank you, to all the veterans and military families. I salute you.

here are two thank-you cards with a patriotic flair. although these two in particular will be sold at the craft fair this weekend, which is being held on our military post, I'll be making some more of these to send to the men in my husband's platoon. Also submitting this to:
caardvark's "round card with pizazz" challenge
Stamping Sisters in Christ "hero" challenge
TPE "be thankful" challenge


  1. Sweet cards, thanks for sharing!

  2. What fabulous cards and a great idea to send them to your dh's platoon too! Thanks for playing along this week at TPE!

  3. great idea and great cards.
    Ann xxx

  4. Such a great idea in honor of our servicemen and women. Love the simplicity and design....

  5. Stunning idea for these -- I hope your craft sale was successful and that you makes lots of these for your DH platoon!

  6. How cute. I like the round card look.

    Thanks for playing along with us at SSCC.

  7. Amen to your salute for our soldiers. I hope your craft fair went well. Thanks for creating with us at TPE this week.

  8. These are awesome!! :) What a neat thing to do. Thanks so much for entering them in our challenge at SSCC! :)

  9. So patriotic, love that! Gorgeous!

  10. Great cards in honor of veterans!! I really like how you have the ribbon tied up top.


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