12 November 2009


some ornaments for the craft fair saturday! digi stamps are by Cutting Café and the red one is JustRite

UPDATE: December 2012
These are so super easy to make, and could be a great craft for the kiddos to participate in as well (with supervision for the hot glue)!

Empty ribbon rolls
Stickers, gems, other decorations
Hot glue

(1) Print out any digital stamps onto cardstock, or ink up some traditional stamps.
(2) Cut out stamps and cardstock into circles, or any other desired shape.
(3) Decorate with stickers, gems, or any other decorations of your choice.
(4) Adhere the cardstock to the front and back of the empty ribbon roll.
(5) Adhere large loop of ribbon to edge of ribbon roll- this will be used to hang ornament.
(6) Adhere ribbon around the edge of the ribbon roll using hot glue, making loops as you go.

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