30 November 2009

Attention Etsy Cyber Monday!!!

Attention Attention Attention!!!

Today is Cyber Monday, and to celebrate, two great things are happening in my etsy shop!
(1) there has been a huge influx in the number of products listed! Christmas holiday cards are now in stock as well as some cards originally made for the recent craft fair!
(2) FREE 5 card set of custom made cards with ANY sentiment of your choice with EVERY order!!!

So head on over {click the link in the right sidebar!}, check things out, and hope you find something you like ;)

PS. lots of posts looking to go live the end of this week! So sorry for the delay- just getting the last of DH's care packages out to him overseas!

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  1. Bet wishes for a successful cyber Monday, Shauna! I look forward to your posts later on in the week.


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