07 October 2009


oh no! ladies, I dropped my camera and it's broken now! That means I can't upload any photos of the crafts I've been working on :( Heck, it means I can't take any photos of said projects either! Not sure when I can get a new camera either... I'll keep you updated... well, I guess when you see photos again you'll probably know I got a new camera ;) hehe

well, photos to look forward to when I get things back up and running...
} card candy swap with vacation, coffee, doggies, baking, and Disney themes
} Disney card swaps
} Disney scrapbooking border & candy swap
} smoothie recipe swap
} Christian ATC swap for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and general Christian themes
} gardening wall decor for MIL
} blog candy shout outs I won recently


  1. Oh no!!!!!!!! That's terrible :( Here's hoping you'll get a new one soon.

  2. What a terrible disaster for a blogger! Hope you are up and running again soon, it sounds as if there is a lot to look forward to seeing..
    En xx

  3. Oh no! That's no fun! I hope you get it fixed soon!

  4. I look forward to your new camera :)

  5. OMG that is awful!! I am so sorry for your camera loss. . .

    You've been featured :O)
    Check it out: http://thescrapmaster.blogpot.com
    Scrapmaster's Paradise


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