18 September 2009

who does that?!

so Unity is starting up a fun challenge for the next couple of weeks! It's the Bro Challenge, where one of their Unity Boyz is picking the winner each week, how fun! Here's my entry for this week... the theme was a "date card" and use the colors red, black, and green! I think I'll be using this sometime before DH deploys... have a nice dinner all made up for him when he gets home :)

material list is over on my SCS gallery!


  1. I heart this card! Love the tix and the pleated ribbon and the staples!

  2. Shauna, this is terrific! You rocked the color challenge and it is truly a unique and super fun card. I know you enjoy every moment with your dh. You two look so sweet together :)

  3. This is so fun! Great date card! :)


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