10 September 2009

New format?

Hey ladies... so right now I've just been posting whatever I'm working on or whatever challenges I'm entering. I'd like to maybe create a bit more of an order to this place and was thinking about following a trend I've seen on some other blogs- theming each day of the week... for example-

:: Make-a-Wish Mondays {birthday cards}
:: Two-fer Tuesdays {two of the same card, either one simple and one fancy, or diffcolor schemes, diff sentments}
:: BasicGrey Bump-day {for Wednesdays... never liked the term "hump" day, I prefer "bump" day}
:: CuTTlebug Thursday

so either using a sentiment theme, vendor theme, technique theme, or some sort of combination of the above, or other ideas! Anyone have ideas for theme days?? Do you like it when blogs have a pattern like that? Thoughts? :)


  1. I think that if you want order then what you have sounds good!

    I usually don't care about the order of days, but like categories. That way, your daily post doesn't necessarily have to fit the pattern, unless that really is what you want to accomplish...I hope I'm making sense.

    I like to hear about peoples lives trickled in with whatever they are posting as far as art goes...I guess that if your weekly regiment allowed for that, then that would have me coming back.

    And...by the way, you won my blog candy! I thought I posted somewhere here that you had, but don't remember where (I thought I added it to the "I'm Off" post, but may not have.

    ANYWAY, send me your info so I can mail your August Store Kit.

    bekah1964 at yahoo dot com

  2. Ha! Found it...it went to my spam folder! Okay, your stuff will be headed your way in the morning!



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