30 September 2009

baby blanket

this is the last of the baby shower posts.. at least for a while! I threw my friend a baby shower last month, but still had to finish sewing the baby blanket- here are some finished photos {finally}! Hehe, try to ignore the fact that it needs to be ironed... there is some puckering intentionally, since you need to place ties throughout the body of the blanket to keep the batting from slipping! :)

"O" for Ortiz

Embroidery: 1. wash fabrics 2. set fabric and waste canvas in embroidery hoop 3. cross-stitch pattern onto fabric 4. place fabric in water and remove waste canvas 5. let dry
Blanket: 1. cut front and back fabrics to desired size 2. with wrong-side of fabrics facing together, sew around outside of fabric, leaving a short section open 3. turn fabrics inside out, the right-side of fabrics should now be outward 4. cut batting to size of blanket and place in between fabric layers 5. hand stitch the remainder of the edge closed 6. tie bits of doubled up thread or yarn scattered throughout the blanket, through all three layers- this will keep the batting from shifting over time 7. fold ribbon over edges and sew in place

I used my own baby blanket for sizing. The fabrics are from JoAnn and the ribbon for the border is from WalMart {Offray, I think}. The floss is DMC, and the pattern for the embroidery is from an old set my mom gave me!


  1. You sew too? Terrific! This is a wonderful baby blanket. Sure to be treasured :)

  2. That's adoreable!
    Love Steph xxx

  3. So cute! I'm just learning to sew and this looks like a lot fun! I'm sure they loved it!


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