26 August 2009

Paper Trimmer

So ladies, I just got a new paper cutter- Tonic's Paper Guillotine- and I must say it's a.ma.zing!!! I still use my Cricut trimmer for scoring, until I get a Scor-Pal. The edge is actually blunt, so no risk of cutting yourself on the blade. There's a finger-guard, so again, no risk of cutting yourself {which I have a tendency to do!} The orange handle comes off and stores underneath for easy transportation, and it's pretty light too! I opted for the 12" version because I was tired of not having measurements between 4.5-5" since that's where the measurement arm folded on my Cricut, but they also have a compact 6" version.
I got it from ScrapbookAlley.com. Can I just say that their shipping is super fast! Right now they have a special for $0 shipping and $0 tax, so head on over and place some orders ladies!!! ;)
Craft Critique article on the cutter
shout out to Sarah Martina and {her post} on paper trimmers

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