28 August 2009

I'm off

well ladies, it's about time! I'm headed off to my honeymoon shortly :) We're celebrating our "almost anniversary." Hehe, I'll explain... due to my hubby's Army training schedule, our original wedding date at the end of last August had to be post-phoned until last December. What with all the changing of plans and Armyness, we ended up not being able to go on our honeymoon in December. Soooo, with deployment rapidly approaching, we have "guaranteed" leave {as guaranteed as the military gets!} and so we're finally taking our honeymoon to WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! <-- the happiest amusement park on earth :D It'll be my 15th trip and his first... hehe needless to say I'm super excited! So on the anniversary of our *almost* original wedding date, we're finally getting to go on our honeymoon. Praise, God! No seriously... we know that this is His timing, that we were meant to go now, and so we will enjoy it :) Needless to say, I'll be MIA from crafting for a while... but I'll be back as soon as we're done honeymooning ;)
Have a blessed beginning of September! :D


  1. Stunning creations on your blog .have a wonderful honeymoon where ever you go.
    hugs judex

  2. I can't think of any place on earth more fun than Disney World. Miss you and hoping you have a Spectromagical time :)

  3. Hope you have a wonderful 'honeymoon' and create super special memories with your hubby! Have fun!

  4. Love yr creations they are super! thank you for coming to my blog, I hope you have a super honeymoon in DL and almost 1st aneversary sweet

    Love Dawn xx

  5. O I hope that you are having the time of your lives. Enjoy every second, I know it is bitter sweet with an upcoming deployment. My hubby will have been gone 4 weeks tomorrow. Have fun, Hugz


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