24 August 2009

highs and lows

Sorry for the lack of cards lately- gearing up for the honeymoon is taking priority ;) Mojo's been a little hit or miss lately besides...

Well, I hosted a baby shower for my friend this weekend, I'll post pix soon. It was great fun- didn't get to finish all of the crafty things I'd intended since I got wrapped up doing last minute bookings for our honeymoon next week.

Found out today that a big whopping 0 of my 12 entries were selected for Paper Crafts during my first submit a week or two ago. Would have been nice if they could at least email the losers so we didn't have to find out via Moxie Fab's blog... anyways. That's a pretty big shot to the mojo ego, but that means I'll post at least some of the card photos soon so you can see what I was up to during that time.

In other news, I did sign up for my first craft fair, selling cards, gift tags, baby blanket kits, and bookmarks {mostly of the Christmas persuasion since it'll be in Nov.} I just put in a large cumulative order on a few scrapbooking sites- my Verve stamps arrived, as did my TAC stamps {finally}, so I'm looking forward to getting everything in and getting started! Gotta make these my best cards ever :)


  1. PC has never picked up my stuff either. It's not personal; we just don't know what they are looking for, kwim? I know you're fab :)

  2. Aw, I'm sorry they didn't pick your entries or let you know more graciously. Try not to be too discouraged. There is already a vast improvement in the craftsmanship of your latest cards over your first creations, and you've only been at this for a few months really. Getting published just gives you something to strive for...it is not THE final authority on whether you can succeed at this. I think the positive feedback you've gotten on this blog and in winning some contests should speak to that. :)

    PS - I think the word "mojo" usually has sexual connotations... maybe not what you intend to communicate on your Christian crafting blog?

  3. Well, in the crafting world "mojo" is just a general term for whether or not you're having an "on" or "off" day with regards to your crafting abilities :) Kinda whether you've had an inspired day where you feel good about your work or not!


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