19 August 2009

Creatively Green

So, have you heard?! Yup, there's a new company in town, and they're GREEN! No, not the color green, not green with envy, I'm talking the eco-green green: Creatively Green! Hubby and I try to be as green as we can- recycle everything, buy locally from farmers' markets, upcycle containers, heck I was even in the environmental clubs in grade school and high school! So this company is great, and not like most eco stuff which tends to be expensive, but most stuff they're actually cheaper!

They also have a contest going on... here's a snippet from their BLOG and NING site:
As a small company, especially one that is eco friendly, we can easily get lost in this big giant world of scrapbooking and we dont want to- We are new but we are unique!
Use your mouth to earn you free scrapbooking supplies! The contest will work on a simple points system, the more points you have the more stuff you win, simple rules, awesome prizes!
Grand prize is a full year membership to our monthly scrapbook kits. This includes shipping and is open to anyone anywhere. Our scrapbook kits retail @ $28.50 each, not including shipping, making the grand prize retail value @ over $400!
I will be posting the points system in a separate section, and as always, Keep creating GREEN!

If you sign up on their ning site {which is awesome, by the way} please let them know that SMK sent ya, ok? I'd really appreciate it! :)

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  1. Hi, I will check out there website, I think they use way to much plastic containers for all scrap booking supplies, they should be able to something else! I want to thank you for your kind comment and birthday wish! Have a great weekend! Hugs Nilla


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