17 August 2009

Craig Morgan & Billy Currington

**NOTE: non-paper crafting post!!**

So the hubby and I went to a Craig Morgan & Billy Currington concert this weekend- awesome! We're big country fans :) Craig Morgan is an amazing performer! If you love country and ever get a chance to see him- go! We're kinda partial too because he was in the Army 10 years :) He's also a Christian which we didn't really know until we saw him perform. He is just a really great entertainer and a great wholesome country artist :) He really interacts with the audience, moves around the stage, some songs he's behind the guitar and others it's just him and the mic. His band is really ecelctic {the bassist looks like he played with Def Leppard} and him are also a great musicians! There was a part where he got three words from the audience, then the pianist created a melody, the rest of the band picked it up, and then Craig made up a whole verse using the words given. Our words were- watermelon, love, and hot :)

Craig Morgan

Billy Currington... we like his songs, but he's kinda a boring performer. Just stood and played and told ya which song was coming up next. We actually ended up leaving about 5 songs into his set.


  1. aw look at how cute you two are!!!

  2. well haven't really listened to any country (well very little) but I do like it when I hear it, maybe I should give this guy a listen. Glad you had a wonderful time too long since I have been to a concert lol

    Thanx for your lovely comment on my blog its so nice when people leave msg as you can go & nosey I love your cards very elegant

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Cute pic of you and your sweetie :)


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