05 August 2009

Craft Room

**warning: long post! lots o pix**
So I've always loved seeing other peoples' craft rooms. Thus, I finally took photos of my own to share :) It's nothing special, but it gets the job done ;) Seeing as I'm an Army wife and living in an offpost apartment, my craft room doubles as an office and guest bedroom, thus I get a single wall {more or less} for my crafting area. And seeing as we're just married, a lot of the stuff in this room is either double-purposed and/or acquired from parents or garage sales or left over college apartment days!
If we weren't in an apartment, this room would be painted light teal :) You'll see a teal/turquoise theme along the way anyways ;) So... on to the good stuff!

So this is my wall :) Underneath the middle table are baskets and a chest with my fabrics and alterable items.

On the back of the door are my punches. For now {until my collection increases} I store them in a plastic photo collage piece.

The magazine racks hold my cardstock and some patterned paper. The clear/white drawers hold my stamps {top} and chipboard pieces {bottom}, although my stamps are quickly outgrowing the drawer! The brown shelving unit from Michaels hold empty/in-process scrapbooks, 12x12 papers, bins with stickers, and the drawer holds small less-frequently used items and surplus items. The basket and photo box on top hold cards I've made. The basket is cards that I already know where/who they're going to, and the box has categorized to-be-assigned cards :) The drawer unit that all of this is housed on holds random scrapbooking supplies, sewing supplies, and craft supplies.

Here is my shelf with some cute knick knacks- angel votive holder and fish statue from my dad. The butterfly vase holds bamboo skewers which I use on some crafts. The jars hold card bases and large ribbon remnants. The large center vase has various sentiment phrase stickers/rub-ons.
Also shown is the top of the hutch. The mason jars have folio closures and those round metal-edged tags. The two smaller vases hold my most used tools- scissors, craft knives, eyelet setter, metal file. The small tins hold small clothespins {use them for holding things together whilst glue dries} and pre-punched shapes {mostly the tiny butterflies from the Martha Stewart punch, leftover when I only need the large butterfly in the trio}. The larger vase has various tags. Hiding in the back is another container with chipboard letters. The basket has other frequently used items- soft files, tape, mounting squares, paper piercer. The tan vase holds my few faux flowers- I don't use them frequently. The clear case holds my embroidery floss whilst the teal one holds mostly brads and some other small embellies. Oh yes, and the Liberty basket holds my alphabet stickers.

Here you can see the hutch {actually taken off of our desk}. Working from left to right cubbies- folders with digi stamps and stencils along with smaller DP pads, {top to bottom} inks, acrylic blocks and Staedtler pens, Cuttlebug accessories, smaller DP loose leaf papers, Martha Stewart inks, pop dots, colored pencils and paper strips. The doored area holds my Cuttlebug. The stacked clear/white bins, the basket on top holds my nestabilities {only one set as of now} and the drawers, from top to bottom- pre-punched paper shapes, small scrap papers, glues, gems & pearls, ribbon scraps, buttons, decorative-edged scissors, CB folders and dies. Under the hutch are three baskets- two with ribbons and one with 3D sticker embellies. Soon I'll be switching my ribbons to rods hanging under the shelf!

This is my sewing corner {and cutting corner, due to the mat}. My two embroidery hoops are hanging on the wall, along with my card/photo display. Along with a few mementoes from college, missionary trips to Guyana, and Army paraphernalia, the cards are all ones I've either received in shipments or made for the hubby. The sewing machine was my MIL's spare. The teal case and bin have larger paper scraps. The paper organizer in the back holds my Cricut paper cutter and a few projects-in-process. Oh yes, and can't forget the Planet Earth calendar ;)

This is my desk. It was brought over from my in-laws {was in hubby's room there}. I actually do a lot of work on it since it's a deep open surface, and since it's taller and I like to work standing up. Those stripped baskets are from The Christmas Tree Shop {mad cheap} and front and center is my baby, my Mac. Once you go Mac, you never go back ;) {and that's coming from a computer science major!} Now there's also two whiteboards and a corkboard for keeping track of challenges, submission calls, swaps, etc. I redid them but still need to photograph them! Soon I'll be putting up a shelf above the boards to hold more scrapping stuff :P

This is the little bit that spilled onto another wall *gasp* The white cabinet is home to random crafting stuff and the cards I'm putting on Etsy. The MakingMemories carousel has various paper pieces, glitter glue pens, and markers. The magazine racks hold various paper crafting mags and some interior design stuff {at one point I was going to major it in, I still like doing it for fun}. The bookcase is from my parents, and since we don't have enough bookshelves to house our massive book collection, you can see that they're all kinda crammed in there! We have a huge bin full of books and more still at the in-laws, but we only have two other bookshelves a little bigger than this one- they're in the living room.

If you're still with me *whoohoo* glad you made it ;) Thanks for looking. If you have photos of your craft room, send me a link!!! One day I'll have a beautiful craft room inspired by some of the lovely ladies below:
Dawn McVey {look & feel}
Kelly {storage, central table}
Sarah Youde {organization}
Megan {organization!!!}
Kim {storage}
Amber {colors, wall photo hanging}
Kiersten {organization, binders}
Renée {storage, clipboards}
Connie Dunn {cabinet}
Michelle Yungbauer {organization}
Two Peas in a Bucket {organizing embellies}
Ali Edwards {antiques}
...more to come...


  1. I love it!! When i see super perfect craft rooms i feel like i would not beable to craft. I would be too afraid to mess it up. and besides if you already have usable furniture why waste valuable money that you could spend on paper and flowers and that stuff!! the table on the left is about what i have!! haha!! i have a super small desk and a rubbermaid like 9 drawer thing and a little space in our closet. I did have a room but we re did it for my 2 year old cause we thought he would sleep in his own room if he had a huge bed shaped like a car and a whole cards themed room...... No luck! But he loves it! anyways thanks for sharing your room!

  2. Lovely! You've done really well fitting a LOT into a small space. I will have pics of my own craft room up soon :) It involves a weight bench lol.

  3. how nice of a home office function too!

  4. WOW! your organized!! thanks for the pics and also the links to the other craft areas. off to check them out :)

  5. What a wonderful room you have...everything right there for you to use. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello and leave a nice comment.

  6. Look at how neat and tidy you are!! LOL you can walk a path to my craft area. I'll bet you cleaned it just so you could take pics huh?

  7. oh to have my very own craft room bliss, maybe one day when the boys leave home lol

    Love Dawn xx


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