31 July 2009

VLV July Champion

OH MY JEEPERS CREEPERS!!! I actually won Viva La Verve July!!! Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how giddy I am! :D I ran out and jumped on hubby's lap and told him all about it :D He just laughed at me and told me he's glad I'm happy :) It's totally unexpected too! I had really bad lighting for half of my photos, I entered like an hr n half hour before the deadline, and after I was done I went and looked at the other entries and though Nooo way, theirs are so much better! Wow! I'm really honored and humbled :) Here's a better photo {taken this morning} of the cards I entered. Oh! and the best part is that now I'll be receiving my first set of Verve stamps!!! I looove their stuff, but my crafting spending is limited to one splurge a month, so I've been slow on building my stamp collection. I have a running list of alll the wonderful stamp companies and stuff I would love to purchase one day, hehe, but at this rate {and as it keeps growing!} it'll take me a lifetime to get them all! But I'm kinda ok with that, hehe ;) This weekend I'm hoping to finalllly open my Etsy shop, and you know they're gonna be on there! :) Hehe, thanks for letting me gush :)

*below photos posted 3 August*


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your win was well-deserved. These are all lovely.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats on your win and have fun with all your new goodies!!!

  3. These are fantastic! No wonder you won :)

  4. would love this butterfly haven't seen it in UK (don't think!)yummy so very versitile

    Love Dawn xx


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