21 July 2009

taking a break

Quick update, I'll be likely taking a break or at best only posting lightly over the next few days. Hubby is still down south for Army training, and he's now in the hospital with appendicitis. It's always my worst fear that something will happen when he's away, and I can't be there with him :-/ Luckily I'm at my parents' house so I have other people around to keep me preoccupied and not dwell on something happening to him. I might work on some baby shower stuff I'm working on for a friend, to keep me preoccupied, and if so then I'll try and post photos. This is one of those especially important FROG times {fully rely on God}. I don't have that overwhelming gut-wrenching fear that something's going to go wrong, but I'll still be more at ease when he's home. We don't know when his surgery is yet, but if it's tomorrow I'll hopefully be flying down to be with him. Your prayers are really appreciated :)
God is good-

UPDATE: he's out of surgery and recovering well. Praise God!


  1. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers
    Lana x

  2. Shauna, I will pray for you and DH and your family. I sure do wish that there was something I could for you all. Loved the FROG acronym and it's one that I'll remember. He will keep the both of you safe and give you peace. Many hugs to all of you.


  3. praying for you sweet Shauna, my bil is Marine Corp. so i am feeling your post. (((hugs))) to you & dh my friend!

  4. Hi Shauna..
    Just want to `Thankyou` for your sweet comments re my bag:)
    `many Blessings` to you and yours hope your hubbie is better soon,
    `Take Care`:)x

  5. I hope your dh will be on the mend soon. I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers!


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