18 July 2009

Finding an elephant

Hey, so quick question ya'll.... anyone know of a really cute elephant stamp? I'm throwing my friend's baby shower with an elephant alphabet theme and need a cute baby-ish elephant. I found this elephant {here} and love it, so I'd love a stamp that's really similar. Any advice??


  1. Hero Arts makes a cute set called "playful animals." On Ebay: Playful Animal Set

    I've ordered lots of stamps on Ebay (though not necessarily from this seller) and have been pleased, or it looks like Addicted to Rubber Stamps carries this set too.

  2. I'm pretty much useless, but I just wanted to say I love the shower idea!

  3. Hey girly! I have been really fond of PTI's baby stamp set. It's super simple and has really clean lines, but I love that b/c it allows for paper pieceing and even fabric use as well! Here's the link: http://papertreyink.com/stamps_bittybabyblessings.html

    Not sure if it's what you had in mind... as it's not exactly cutesy, but maybe you can make it cutesy with a fun color/pattern scheme? Just a thought!

    (Where were you when I needed a fun crafty baby shower?! ;-))

  4. I used this set for my Grandson's announcements. I used the elephant, giraffe, and duck, and put them on the little flat carts like they were hooked together. Good luck in your quest. Hope you find what you want!


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