01 July 2009

Craft room!!!

Hehehe, well I have an announcement... I finally have a craft room!!! ok, well it's also our guest bedroom and office, but for now, it's my craft room :) it was a long process, because when we moved into our apartment ~7 months ago, the back bedroom (now craft room) smelled like animal odor, like serious odor... we had to steam vac 4 times to make it livable, and we still have to keep the windows open in order to keep the smell to a minimum. Anyways, it had turned into a storage dungeon, but we finally purchased our queen-size AeroBed and some tables for my crafts and (coming soon) office desk, so thus the room had to be uncluttered and set up! I'm the stay-at-home homemaker whilst my husband does his Army officer funness, so the uncluttering task lied upon me. It took about 3 days- Day 1: go through all boxes and move things to their respective rooms (ie. clothes to the laundry room, etc), Day 2: organize the boxes of things actually staying in the room and arrange furniture, Day 3: organize craft stuff... and well today was Day 4 and I just put up a self and bulletin board, so I don't count today.

I didn't take a photo of the whole room "before," but here's at least the crafting side pre-organization...

I'll update later with a post of photos of the organized version :)

And after I finished organizing at ~23:00 last nite (that's 11PM), I had to "Christen" the new room, so I cranked out a few cards for some Simply Scrappin' challenges.

Red Birthday
June Monthly Challenge #3-
party theme,
3 brads,
liquid (i used glitter glue),

Simple Friend
Color Challenge #2- moss, black, white

Butterfly Thanks
June Monthly Challenge #1, based on sketch here

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  1. Oh, how fun! I love to organize...especially fun stuff like craft room stuff. I need to go through my entire room and purge...my room is junky right now and it is blocking my creativity.

    I admire your ability to craft late at night. I am a morning person. And look how productive you were!



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